Pastors of Busti Federated Church


John H Seeley                       1923-1925           

James Averill                        1926-1928           

Thomas Packard                   1928-1934

Adolph P Weaver                   1934-1936           

R.H. Eckert                             1936-1937

Bailey Hathaway                   1938-1940

William F Spaulding             1940-1943

Fred W Hawley                      1944-1946

Ormel Shindledecker           1946-1948

George Munger                     1948-1952

Alexander Kemp                   1953-1955

Chester Whitt                        1955-1959

Dewayne Cunningham         1960-1964

Keith Tennis                          1964-1969

Elton Peterson                     1970-1978

Charles Stoica                      1979-1982

C Gordon Bloomberg           1983-1988

Roland Brown                       1989-1992

Deborah Cronin                    1993-1995

Thomas Delk                         1996-2001

H Gene Stringer                    2001-2008

Lee O’Brien                           2008-Present

The History of Busti Federated Church

 1819: First Methodist Church & Second Baptist Church of Ellicott were organized

1823: Town of Busti was formed and the church became Busti Baptist Church

1835: Baptists build first meeting house for $700.00

1836: Elder Ira G Stoddard comes as first full time Baptist Minister

1849: Methodist Church built (current Victorian Hall)

1923: (September) Federation of Methodist & Baptist Churches.  Rev. John Seeley serves as first pastor of Busti Federated Church.  Meetings are held in the Baptist Church

1948: Former Baptist Church burns to the ground.  Services held at the old Methodist Church.

1950: New Federated Church ready to use

1975: Beacon Home for Girls organized; home is in old parsonage.

1979: First addition built on to church

2003: Second addition built on to church